RR smoke mystery solved

By D. C. Moody

August 1, 2014

EASLEY — Residents of Pickens County between Easley and Liberty might have noticed smoke and a few flames coming from the railroad beds between the two cities July 29 but there was nothing to fear.

It turns out CSX, the rail company that owns the tracks and the trains passing along it, was in the midst of a maintenance program for the tracks. Machinery was sent along the lines to “grind” the tracks, creating a surface with traction for the trains themselves. In the process, sparks are thrown onto the rail bed and small, smoldering fires were lit all along the line.

Throughout the day Easley Fire Department staff helped keep an eye on the situation, monitoring the line when needed. Once the process was completed, water trucks with mounted rail equipment rode along the same rail lines extinguishing any lingering hot spots.