Pickens man accused of threatening officer

Joe Toppe Staff Writer

September 11, 2013

PICKENS – Residents along English Holly Court in Pickens have been concerned for their safety and peace of mind because of the actions of a neighbor.

Ely West Odonald was taken into custody on Monday, after neighbors called the police.

According to an incident report issued by the Pickens City Police Department, officers found the 24-year-old Odonald behind his home brandishing a loaded shotgun.

“After announcing myself as law enforcement personnel and requesting several times for Odonald to place his firearm on the ground, I pulled my service weapon out and advised him to place his weapon on the ground three more times,” said arresting officer, Sgt. Matthew Brannan. “Ely finally complied with my verbal commands.”

Sgt. Brannan said Odonald claimed a wild animal was trying to attack him and was unsteady on his feet with slurred speech.

“I placed Ely under arrest for Breach of Peace based on the fact he was brandishing a firearm in a negligent manner while intoxicated,” he said. “Multiple residents are deathly afraid of Ely and this arrest was made to ensure their safety as well as Ely’s.”

Officers said multiple calls had been received in the past due to Odonald’s dangerous behavior.

According to the report, Odonald began threatening Sgt. Brannan after being placed into custody.

“Ely was kicking his feet against the window of my patrol car after getting out of his seat belt,” Brannan said. “As I shut the door he stated, ‘you’re dead, boy’”.

Brannan said the threats continued as he transported Odonald to the detention center.

“As I was transporting Ely to the detention center for booking, he asked if I still lived in the same house and said that he had a friend that lived near me and that he knew more about more me than I’d think,” Brannan said. “Ely also asked if I was married or still dating the same girl. The manner in which Ely made these remarks was to instill fear in me.”

Odonald was subsequently charged with the use of a firearm in a criminally negligent manner, threatening the life of a public employee, and breach of peace.

Det. Samuel Byers of the Pickens City Police Department said Odonald is being held at the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office on a surety bond.